The Munzer Foundation focuses its grantmaking at the community level. Our grantmaking is concentrated primarily in Long Beach, CA to honor our family roots and the community where our Foundation was established. The Foundation also supports select organizations in communities where our family lives and works.

Within each of the communities we serve, we strive to achieve the greatest impact by concentrating our resources to support children, families, and neighborhoods of highest needs.

Build Strong Family
Support Systems

Families play an integral role in the development of children. Today, families are defined broadly: single parent households, extended family support systems, foster parents, and guardians, among others. Families at low income levels face unparalleled challenges in finding affordable housing, quality childcare, safe neighborhoods, and adequate employment. Families may also face obstacles in accessing existing resources, including language and cultural barriers, discrimination, limited hours that services are offered, and health and education bureaucracies that can be challenging to navigate.

Through grants to nonprofit organizations, The Munzer Foundation seeks to strengthen the support systems that help families overcome barriers so that their children can develop in a positive and enriching environment.

Provide Educational
Opportunities to the

Education lifts people out of poverty and amplifies opportunities in life. The systems of support that surround the education system are critical to children’s success in school. They provide enhanced English learning reinforcement, exposure to subjects not well covered in school curriculum, and services that support the

healthy mental and social development of young people.

The Munzer Foundation seeks to strengthen this web of support, with an emphasis on programs that serve infants and children from birth through 12th grade as well as children and youth that are most in-need.

This includes after-school academic or enrichment programs, programs that stimulate intellectual curiosity and expand a child’s perspective, and support services focused on the acquisition of language and speech.

Provide Access to
Necessary Healthcare

Despite the growth of community medical services and overall expansion of health insurance coverage, access to healthcare for children is challenging. Barriers to access include limited health service locations and hours (especially for working families), language and cultural obstacles in understanding of how to access services, and lack of knowledge of health promotion strategies and available resources for young children.

The Foundation is responsive to ever-changing healthcare needs and strategies for providing care that often span beyond the hospital. We focus on organizations and programs that provide healthcare and preventative care services to vulnerable populations with limited access to health resources. Further, we support the promotion of opportunities for underrepresented populations to enter the healthcare field, as this provides excellent career pathways and greater ethnic and cultural diversity amongst healthcare practitioners that further enhances equal access to care.