Our Mission & Values

The Munzer Foundation’s mission is to strengthen community, family and individuals through effective and focused philanthropy.

These Guiding Values reflect the legacy of our Foundation’s founders, Rudy and Daphne Munzer. They are evident in the way they led their lives and contributed to the community and to their family. Today, these values guide the work of The Munzer Foundation. They are the basis for the way in which the Board members work together toward shared mission and priorities. They shape our program goals and what we look for in funding proposals and grant recipients. They undergird our interactions with the community and those we fund. They inspire us and propel us towards our desired impact within the community.

Serving Where Needed Most. We seek to address the needs of individuals, families, and communities that are marginalized because of poverty, racism, or other discrimination. We strive to remove barriers and equalize access to education, health care, and opportunities so that children, youth, and families can reach their full potential.

Children and Youth. We believe in the importance of investing early in individuals’ lives. Human development, education, health promotion, and health care for children yield powerful returns for the individual child as well as having positive, long-term outcomes on families, communities, and society.

Local Communities. We believe in investing locally. It is important to contribute time, resources, and leadership where we live and work so that we are promoting vibrant communities. The Foundation is committed to strengthening community based organizations that stimulate local engagement and focus on local issues and solutions.

Family. We work together as a family to conduct our philanthropy and deepen the Munzer legacy of community service. We also appreciate the important role of family members in the nurturance and development of children and want to strengthen the network of support systems to family members who are managing multiple pressures.

Engagement. Our relationships with individuals and organizations are based in authenticity, trust, and commitment. We seek to foster open dialogue and active learning from those we serve as well as peers in the field. We value long-term relationships and partnership.

Effectiveness. We seek to make a demonstrable difference. We employ focused and goal-oriented grantmaking to invest in organizations where our grants can make the most impact. We regularly evaluate and reflect upon our own practices in order to apply what we have learned to continual improvement of the Foundation’s effectiveness and the effectiveness of the organizations we serve.

Humility. We are honored to carry on our founders’ legacy of making an impact in communities through responsive and strategic grantmaking. We do not seek a limelight, except for the organizations we fund, and approach our work with a sense of responsibility and gratitude.